3D Imaging and Navigation for Prostate Biopsy
Artemis provides several imaging enhancements to standard 2D ultrasound.
  • Automatically converts your 2D monochromatic ultrasound image to an enhanced 3D color image you can then manipulate to plan and manage the patient biopsy process
  • Greatly increases your ability to examine the prostate for abnormalities or suspicious areas which may need sampling
  • Advanced needle navigation and tracking you are able to view in real-time
  • Sophisticated recording of actual biopsy sites sampled; sites can be revisited at any time
  • View and overlay previous prostate gland volumes and biopsy locations

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Artemis accurately assists you in the tracking and management of prostate cancer.
The sphere/globe that sits on top of the Arm houses the circuitry that enables the Tracker to move and a counterbalance to support the weight of the system.

  • Accurate Recording in 3D - Shown to be ~ 2 mm
  • Accurate Targeting in 3D
    Shown to be ~ 2 mm and statistically significantly smaller compared to 5 mm, size of smallest clinically significant tumor
  • Active Surveillance
    Allows protocols such as follow-up biopsy for active monitoring
  • Better and Cost-Effective Diagnosis
    • MRI has very high specificity and sensitivity
    • Biopsy under direct MRI guidance is prohibitively expensive and time consuming
    • Artemis allows MRI/TRUS fusion based biopsy as a practical alternative
  • Integrated motion compensation
  • Automatic 2D to 3D image conversion
  • Automatic recording of all sample sites
  • Targeted biopsy of abnormalities and suspicious sites
  • Planning templates from standard to extended biopsies
  • True prostate mapping via needle navigation and tracking
  • Revisit previous sample sites/overlay previous gland volumes